Finding a Connection in Others


So many times I am interested in somebody or something but am afraid to ask because I might be told to mind my own business.  When you are homeless the lives of others are fascinating.  I don’t want to pry into the lives of those around me and I’m not trying to be voyeuristic in any way shape or form.  People fascinate me because I wonder what they are doing wrong/right in this world that we live in that is allowing them to either succeed and/or fail at life.  I look at them and compare my own circumstances and choices that I have made to what they are currently doing.  Mind you, I am not judging, I am simply seeing whether or not what they do would work for me.  I approach relationships with this type of curiosity as well.  I know that a lot of homeless people do this as well.

Finding a connection in the homeless world is very hard, you have to wonder whether the person is stable and what are they truly after.  I think of having a relationship with a person but I think would I want to date someone straight or do I want to go with another homeless person who is more apt to understand me?  I believe that understanding the person that you are with is crucial if you are going to have a successful relationship.  How do you approach a person when you are homeless and tell them that you are interested in them.  It’s nearly impossible, because once you get to know them you will have to explain your situation to them and that can be very complicated.  In my case, it’s just easier to be alone.  I think that a lot of homeless people feel the same was as I do because there tends to be many homeless people who are single.  I often wonder if the people are single and homeless because of a previous relationship that went bad or are they homeless because they have no one to help them because they are single.  Having a relationship can be beneficial if you are both homeless because you can lean on each other.  The amount of relationships that I have seen between homeless people is staggering, with some of them actually being married but living in separate shelters.  The idea that the homeless don’t feel love or have connections is just false and makes homeless people out to be less than human.  It’s like saying that if you don’t have a home, you don’t have a right to the warmth and comfort of another person.  I think that everybody is entitled to love as long as the feeling is mutual.

In finding someone as a homeless person what qualities would you look for?  The simple answer is that you would look for the qualities in a person whether they are homeless or not.  That’s just not the case with being homeless, you have needs that go above and beyond the average person and there are just more things that you have to think about when approaching another person.  No there is no guarantee that a relationship with a homeless person is going to work, but there is also no certainty that any relationship with any person will work.  If we all took the safe road, we would never get to where we are going.

I am a single homeless person, maybe someday I’ll find another person to be with, maybe not.  You are a single/married person with a home, who knows why you did what you did to get where you are.  The world is full of strange people and situations, I’m just one of many.

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