Singing Out Loud


I want to sing, for I just found out that I have been placed into a shelter that will give me up to a year to get myself together.  I have waited for over seven months for this opening to come available.  Having this shelter means that I can concentrate on finding a job, building my references and getting an apartment.

The shelter that I was staying at before only left me with a 4 month stay, which can cause a person to begin to stabilize, but only partially.  At the time that I was staying at the homeless shelter with the 4 month stay, I wondered whether or not I should look for a full-time or part-time job, or whether I should look for a job at all.

In not only looking for a job but having one, I needed a place to shower and put my clothes and I was not certain that I would garner all the time that I needed to do those things.  So you look for a job and then are thrown out of the shelter, where do you sleep? Where do you bathe?  Where do you store your things during the day? If you don’t have shelter, the prospect of looking for a job is impossible unless you have a car where you can put your belongings.

When this place came up, this was a godsend, I now have a place to shower, put my things and go looking for employment without the threat of being thrown out.  I am singing with joy at this, I believe that this is a new beginning.  I look forward to giving the next year all that I have in terms of being positive, looking forward, finding a job and dealing with my dilemmas.  I hope that this place will turn out to be all that I think that it is going to be and that I will make new friends and colleagues who I can trust and they can trust me.  I believe that this is a new beginning and am looking forward to getting started.



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