I am about one month into my blog and that has me thinking about the goals I made while making this blog.  I have to be truthful though, I never made any.  I suppose that it would be a good thing to do now as I am finally at the point that I can begin a day-to-day journey with you, my readers on my condition and the overall condition of the homeless where I live.  So here they are, they like me, can change at anytime – hopefully for the better.


  1. I will write whenever possible to let my readers know of my personal condition and how it is changing, for the better or for the worse.
  2. I will not come across as preachy, my intention is never to preach to others but to state that this is what my situation is and this is why I am going through the issues I am going through.
  3. Whenever I have resources, I will share those resources unless of course it is not possible for me to share due to confidentiality reasons.
  4. I will always try to stay positive even though my situation might not be.
  5. I will share more of myself and my situation starting immediately.

I hope that these changes will encourage people who are homeless or who want to know more about one woman’s struggle  to read on.  Thanks for reading


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