Who Am I Talking To?


Mats on the floor
As a homeless person, I feel that I want to reach out to other homeless people and those that would like to understand more about the homeless, but are/were afraid to ask.

The homeless have many resources, they often just don’t know that those resources exist.  I don’t know if it’s done intentionally or there are so many people competing for the same resources that sometimes it seems that people are lost through the shuffle.  Here is a list of basic resources that exist in Denver.  The list exists on the Denver’s Road Home website.


There you can find everything from hot meal to a hot shower.  For those that already have a place to stay but are in jeopardy of losing it due to eviction there are a couple of resources for eviction assistance as well.

Sometimes help is all around us but we are too afraid to ask, lest we be judged and ridiculed due to our current status.  The help that is offered may have waiting lists attached to it, but what is life but one big waiting game?  In my opinion, the best thing to do would be to place yourself on the waiting list, what do you have to do/lose that’s more important?

Just recently I got into a place that had a seven month wait, it was worth it though, because it will help me in the long run.  I know what you are thinking, I have to be outdoors for the next seven months till my name comes up on this list.  But if you didn’t put your name on the list, seven months from now when your name comes up, most likely you’ll still be homeless and someone else will get your spot for improvement of their life, rather than the improvement of yours.  I say go for it and damn the waiting list.

I am ending a stay at one place and going to another, but it is just a short stay, I am determined to improve my condition one day at a time.  I’ve tried to do it before without the help of anyone and it’s just too hard of a task to do it that way, especially with things costing the way that they do.  I have decided to let someone help me and I am ok with that.  They will help me for now to improve my situation and I will pay it back when I am at my best.  I think if everyone did this, there would be so many people helping that no one would ever need.

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